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17 Year Old Driving Program - 1st Choice Driving School NJ

17 Year Old Driving Program NJ

All New Jersey 17-year-olds can apply for a permit at MVC with their parents; they do not require a driving school to obtain a license. They must bring their original birth certificate with a raised seal, a valid US passport, a green card, and a social security card. Once the permit is obtained, they can start driving with their parents.
They can start driving with 1st Choice Driving School and take up-to 6 hours of training to receive a 6 hours completion certificate for insurance discount. 

1. Adjusting seats & mirrors
2. Engine Ignition
3. Secure & maneuver the car using the handbrake,
gears and clutch
4. Maintain speed consistency
5. Start, Steer and Stop


1. Signaling
2. Lane positioning
3. "Right of way"
4. Crosswalks
5. On Highway maneuver

3 Lessons, 2 Hours each

PAY NOW $390 AND CALL or TEXT to schedule

4 Lessons,1.5 Hours

PAY NOW $450 AND CALL or TEXT to schedule
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