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16 YEAR OLD PROGRAM - 1st Choice Driving School NJ


All New Jersey 16 year old MUST be accompanied by a driving school to MVC to obtain a student permit by law. Our school offers a service to obtained permit from MVC.

If the student have passed the written test at his /her school then he/she must receive a blue card or an email certification.

If the student doesn’t have driver’s Education at his/her school or failed the written test the school then they can take the test at our office.

Students who have blue card or passed the written test can now apply for their permit. Students must be 16 years old to apply for the permit.

They can take a vision test at our office for free of charge.

Please wear glasses or contacts if prescribed.

A permit application, supplied by us, must be completely filled out and signed by a parent and student.

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Please double check the list below for the permit

Please double check the list below for the permit

Application form

Completed Permit application

Proof of Address

Original document of U.S Birth Certificate, US passport or Green Card. MVC will not accept a photocopy


Social Security Card (Original or Copy)

Blue Card

Blue Card or Written Test Email From Your School


Please wear your glasses or contact lenses if you have been prescribed to wear one. An Eye Test will be given to all applicants


$10 Cash

Driving Lessons Includes:

They cannot foresee that pain and trouble that are bound ensue and equal blame belongs too those who fail their which is the same as saying through shrinkings foresee the pain & trouble.

  • Starting

  • Intersections

  • Signaling

  • Three Point Turn / K-Turn

  • Stopping

  • Parking

  • Steering

  • Backing

  • Turning

  • Highway

Adjusting of seat, mirrors
Seat belts
Check parking
brake Gear shift in proper position
Ignition switch on Starting of engine

Lane positioning
Right of way

Check traffic
Putting vehicle in motion

Vehicle positioning
Checking of traffic

Checking traffic
Signaling Proper position
Stopping vehicle smoothly and safely
Gear shift in proper position
Setting parking brake
Shutting engine off

Checking of traffic
Vehicle positioning
Hand position
Turning of wheel
Speed control
Proper gear position
Set brakes Ignition off
Remove Key

Proper hand positions on wheel
Proper grip on wheel
Center of lane
Aim high in steering

Checking traffic
Hand position
Straight line
Speed control

Vehicle Position
Right turns Left turns
Right turn on red

Driving Lane
Changing lanes
Speed control

                 Offer 1: $425
6 Hours Program (Permit, 6 Hours and Insurance Certificate)

Limited Places


               Offer 2: $610
Offer 1 + Road Test Service (Car for the road test and warm-up lesson)
Limited Places


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